Kill all processes connected to a database

-- Kill all processes connected to a database.
use master;
declare @DatabaseName varchar(50);
declare @Spid varchar(20);
declare @Command varchar(50);
set @DatabaseName = 'MyDatabase';
print 'This query''s SPID: ' + convert(varchar, @@spid);
-- Select all SPIDs except the SPID for this connection
declare SpidCursor cursor for
select spid from master.dbo.sysprocesses
where dbid = db_id(@DatabaseName)
and spid != @@spid
open SpidCursor
fetch next from SpidCursor into @spid
while @@fetch_status = 0
 print 'Killing process: ' + rtrim(@spid);
 set @Command = 'kill ' + rtrim(@spid) + ';';
 print @Command;
 fetch next from SpidCursor into @spid
close SpidCursor
deallocate SpidCursor

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